Contact_Info.jpgWelcome to Our Wiki on Young Adult Literature & Technology Integration!


The purpose of this wiki is to showcase young adult literature, specifically multi-genre and verse novels. In an attempt to connect with young adults and the technological world that dominates their lives, various pages of the wiki showcase examples of strategies that incorporate interactive technologies.

What are multi-genre texts?

Texts written in multiple writing formats including, but not limited to, letters, diary or journal entries,
notes, electronic mail, instant messages, text messages, blogs, chat room dialogue, conversational
transcripts, interviews, poetry, recipes, comic strips, scripts, applications, websites, social and news
media, and listservs (Comer & Trent, 2010).

What are verse novels?

Novels written in verse. They tell a story much like a prose novel does and often adheres to
recognized poetic devices or styles. Because the story is weaved through poems, writers of this genre
must be very succinct with word choices (Comer & Trent, 2010).


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